The Aurora Collection coming to Kickstarter in June

We are pleased to announce that we have opened up voting for our latest Kickstarter campaign, The Aurora Collection. We will be launching this campaign towards the end of June. The exact date is yet to be confirmed.

What is The Aurora Collection?

The Aurora Collection is a collection of artwork from world renowned artist, James Churchill, that we are making available on gaming / desk mats. The mats will be available in 630 x 280 and 900 x 400. There will also be a Kickstarter exclusive image that will be available at 900 x 600.

Why do we need to vote?

The voting is so we know what designs you would like us to make available at the start of the campaign. It is not viable for us to start with all 12 designs but instead, will be starting with 4. We will be able to add on an extra 2 designs at various stretch goals and these will be able to be voted on during the campaign and as the stretch goals are reached.

If you would like to view the designs prior to voting then click here, otherwise, click here to access the voting page or use the buttons below.

Supporting the FLGS community?

We will be doing something a little bit different with this campaign in order to support the FLGS community. Any bricks & mortar store that backs the campaign at the retailer level and registers as a collection point for other backers will have an opportunity to receive free products. As a reward for backers that support their local store, if they collect their order from the store, they will not have to pay any shipping. The more backers that select to collect their order from a store, the more free products that store will receive.

All the details will be revealed in the campaign but if there are any stores that would like to register as a collection point prior to us going live, please contact us and we will let you know exactly what is involved.

This offer is available for any store that is a bricks & mortar store and is interested in this campaign.