Barry Allen Flash Bust
Barry Allen Flash Bust


Barry Allen Flash Bust

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3D Printed Bust

This is a complete printed product. Please note that this is not usually stocked and will be printed as required. As such, time will be need to print the item prior to shipping.

The original design is from Hex3D.

We are unable to sell just the file but it it is available for purchase through their Patreon on

Material: This item can be printed in either Marble PLA or a random colour PLA+ (Colour will be dependant on the material available at the time)

Print Resolution: 0.08mm

What is Included: We will remove any supports used and do some minor clean up as required. Due to the nature of 3D printing, there may be some imperfections in the finished product.

What is Not Included: We do not include any sanding, filling or painting of the product. 

The image provided is a rendering only and not a finished 3D model.

We mainly use ESUN 3D filament but may use other brands depending on availability.