3Mates Games is excited to be bringing to Kickstarter a small selection of artwork from world renowned artist, James Churchill. The collection is called “The Aurora Collection” and is named after the artwork that will be showcased on the Kickstarter Exclusive mats.


We considered many formats before deciding to present this artwork on gaming/desk mats. The reason we went with the mats, is so we stuck with our company focus of providing games and gaming related products. The mats can be used for both computer gaming and tabletop gaming or just to brighten up the desktop. 

The mats will be available in 3 different sizes. The Kickstarter Exclusive mat will be 900 x 600 with all the other artwork being on 630 x 280 or 900 x 400 mats.

AURORA (Kickstarter Exclusive)

Below is the artwork that we are proposing for this campaign. There are 12 images in total but we will be starting the campaign with just 4 with the balance being available as stretch goals. Which 4 images we start with will depend on you. Click the button below to cast your vote and have your say as to which images we start the campaign with.


Check out the campaign on Kickstarter to see which images received the most votes.
Ancient Lands
High Council
Iron Mountain
Sands of Time
Temple of Anubis
The Lake Palace
Distant Shores
Incident at Roswell
Operation Highjump
Steam City
The Gatekeeper
The Lost City

Supporting the FLGS community?

We will be doing something a little bit different with this campaign in order to support the FLGS community. Any bricks & mortar store that backs the campaign at the retailer level and registers as a collection point for other backers will have an opportunity to receive free products. As a reward for backers that support their local store, if they collect their order from the store, they will not have to pay any shipping. The more backers that select to collect their order from a store, the more free products that store will receive.

All the details will be revealed in the campaign but if there are any stores that would like to register as a collection point prior to us going live, please contact us and we will let you know exactly what is involved.

This offer is available for any store that is a bricks & mortar store and is interested in this campaign.